About Us:

Daifuku Airport Technologies understands a reliable and efficient baggage handling system is essential to an airport’s success.  That’s why more than 500 airports around the world depend on us to engineer, manufacture, install, integrate, service, operate and maintain the most durable baggage handling systems in the industry. Since entering the airport baggage handling industry Daifuku has continued to invest and break new ground in product R&D and systems and solution design, along with major investments in customer demonstration centers (Japan, UK & USA) showcasing a full range of integrated product solutions.

Daifuku Airport Technologies consists of BCS Group, Daifuku Logan, Elite Line Services, Jervis B. Webb and Logan Teleflex. Together we service the majority of the world providing innovative baggage solutions from operations and maintenance to controls and software we cover it all. 

We are always looking for technicians, project managers, mechanics, and more. We value our employees and are consistently looking to add new talent to our ever growing team. We offer many opportunities for our employees to contribute and stand out as part of our continued success story!

Find job openings here:

Jervis B. Webb – North America

Elite Line Services – North America

BCS Group – Australasia

Daifuku Logan – United Kingdom