Providing airline passengers with safe, secure, on time departures and arrivals is critical to maintaining customer satisfaction. Daifuku is a single source solution that is paving the way for extended operations and maintenance in the airport services industry. By delivering innovative maintenance and support services, Daifuku ensures that mission critical baggage handling and passenger boarding bridge areas operate at peak efficiency with maximum uptime. Daifuku offers a complete suite of 24/7/365 day service and solutions to optimize you airport operations including;

  • Control room operations and supervision
  • System operation including bag jam clearance, manual encoding and field inspections.
  • Emergency callout
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Fall back procedures
  • Manpower and shift pattern optimization
  • Operational reporting
  • Comprehensive spare parts inventory management
  • Training for all airline system users
  • Energy efficiency audits

With Daifuku at the heart of your risk mitigation strategy, you can devote your attention to doing what you do best — resting assured that your customers’ satisfaction is as important to us as it is to you.

Baggage Handling Systems

From conventional baggage handling systems to sophisticated in-line explosive detection systems, Daifuku provides the highest standard of service to ensure that they deliver the speed, equipment availability, and accurate read rates that are critical to operational success.

No other service provider can match our experience in scheduled, corrective and predictive maintenance programs for all mechanical hardware including check-ins, all types of conveyors, curves, laterals, pushers, diverters, carousels, Tilt Tray Systems, controls room operation, and planned maintenance support of integrated TSA screening systems.

Passenger Boarding Bridges

We specialize in 24/7 total preventive and corrective service solutions for passenger boarding bridges from all manufacturers. We also offer service options for integrated 400Hz power supply, potable water, and preconditioned air systems.

Our maintenance services for passenger boarding bridges include: tire replacement, tunnel rollers, canopy curtains, windows, roll-up weather door, drive motors, planetary drive, variable frequency drive, 400 hz cable hoist, 400 hz cables, lift cylinders, exterior skin replacement, hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump, autoleveler, canopy curtains, pedestrian door, coded door locks, PLC controls, and Majellis operator console.

We perform both mechanical and cosmetic refurbishing, including panel and roof replacement as needed. Our procedure allows the equipment to remain in use. Daifuku currently installs, refurbishes, and maintains passenger boarding bridges for more than ten major airlines and is a top choice among airports.

Ground Service Equipment

Daifuku understands that each piece of ground support equipment (GSE) is critical to on-time departures. That’s why Daifuku maintenance programs support a wide variety of equipment, no matter the manufacturer. Each comprehensive maintenance solution is designed to improve the lifecycle of the most critical operational assets and deliver the kind of long-term ROI needed to stay competitive in today’s volatile marketplace.

Each GSE program is customized to meet specific needs and fully integrate with customer operations. Daifuku is committed to meeting airline-specific standards for efficiency in a high utilization operational environment, and delivers the exceptional value expected from a well-managed outsourced operation.

For parts support, Daifuku can utilize existing sources or leverage close relationships with GSE manufacturers and suppliers. Daifuku manages inventory to ensure customers have critical spares, delivered on time, and at the best possible price.

Daifuku  is the only service organization to incorporate a process-based quality management system aligned to its ISO certification, reflecting the company’s commitment to improve operational efficiency, reduce waste and contain costs. This mandate has resulted in Daifuku earning the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry and several referrals.

Fleet Maintenance Programs

Building upon the vehicle maintenance expertise we have achieved within our long standing airline Ground Support Equipment programs, Daifuku made the smooth transition to expand our maintenance portfolio to include Airport Vehicle Fleet Maintenance. Our approach has been to satisfy the need in the market place for improved customer service, attention to equipment availability, cost sensitivity, and improved customer satisfaction for those airport fleet managers looking to make a change in quality from either its in-house, or outsourced contracts. With the considerable budgetary pressure being placed on the services that Airport Authorities, Municipalities and City Managers provide to their communities, it is extremely important to choose wisely in the selection of a quality maintenance organization. Daifuku draws upon the extensive maintenance competencies within our established programs that deliver upon the demand for efficient operations, excellent scheduled maintenance compliance, and responsive corrective repair for airport fleet vehicles that are inclusive of;

  1. ARFF Emergency Response and Fire Engines
  2. Patrol Vehicles
  3. Terminal Buses
  4. Heavy Construction
  5. Tractor/Mowers
  6. Generators
  7. Sedans/SUV’s/Pick-ups
  8. All Weights of Trucks (inclusive of line removal and sweepers), and
  9. Full range of landscaping equipment.