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Mobile Inspection Tables
Baggage Tray System


Innovated CBRA Rooms

The Daifuku revolutionary solution for CBRA replaces traditional conveyors and static search tables with Mobile Inspection Tables (MIT). Bags are automatically loaded onto an MIT and delivered to the TSO. The TSO searches the bag directly on top of the MIT and automatically delivers the bag back to the appropriate conveyor. The stainless steel MIT table top matches the dimensions of traditional search tables and meets all PGDS 5.0 requirements.

The foundation for the MIT is not new technology. This revolutionary concept builds on our proven model 100ST Automatic Guided Cart (AGC). Webb’s AGC’s have been in production for nearly 16 years with an install base of over 4,000 carts in demanding manufacturing environments. They have demonstrated extreme reliability in manufacturing where maximum uptime is required, much like a baggage handling system.

The MIT allows for extreme flexibility in CBRA room layout designs that can be easily expanded or modified.

Mobile Inspection Tables additional benefits over tray or table based CBRA’s, include:

  • Ergonomics
  • Room accessibility
  • Productivity
  • Noise reduction
  • Energy savings
  • Space utilization


Check-in systems

Daifuku conveyors are designed to increase efficiency, minimize maintenance and improve overall service at ticket counters. An attractive stainless steel shroud covers all pinch points, enhancing both safety and appearance. We also offer BAGgate™, a comprehensive self-service baggage check-in solution for common-use platforms that provides passengers with total a self-service experience.

Baggage Tray System

The Daifuku Baggage Tray System (BTS) is designed to handle bags in their own individual trays throughout their entire journey through the baggage handling system. The trays are each equipped with RFID tags that have a unique identity allowing each tray, and therefore the bag it contained, to be positively tracked through the system. Bags loaded into trays enjoy the physical protection of the tray as well as bag jams being virtually eliminated. The trays themselves are designed to carry bags through security screening machines thereby allowing the bag to remain in the tray for its whole journey through the handling system to its makeup position. Standardised trays also provide the ideal unit load basis for use in a wide range of storage technologies most notably advanced crane systems.

The BTS consists of modules that allow an entire baggage handling system to be built that typically mirrors and builds on the type of module often seen in conventional conveyor based systems. The system has the capability to convey bags up to 10 m/s to ensure longer journey distances, such as transfers between terminals, are completed as quickly as possible


Daifuku provides efficient and secure transportation and sortation of passenger bags from check-in counters to baggage make-up areas. Unlike conventional systems where bags are placed directly on conveyor belts, Baggage Tray System (BTS) provides high-speed precise handling by transporting bags in individual trays. The trays are then positively tracked with the effective reading of RFID tags embedded in the tray, minimizing lost bags. In addition the system has a high processing capability and can be integrated with an automated storage system to provide temporary baggage staging for passengers who check in early or have extended layovers at large airports.

Hold Baggage Screening

Daifuku is known as true experts in Standard 3 Hold Baggage Screening and the latest TSA screening standards. Daifuku is an industry leader in the design and integration of Standard 3 Explosives Detection System (EDS) into outbound baggage systems. Our extensive experience using advanced design tools such as simulation, BIM modeling, and full system emulation testing make Daifuku an attractive resource for airports worldwide looking to install new, in-line baggage screening systems, or upgrade their existing systems.

Daifuku's innovative Mobile Inspection Table revolutionizes the manual inspection operations by providing unmatched efficiency, ergonomics and flexibility.


Daifuku’s top of the line Tilt Tray Sorter system, sorts baggage of various shapes and sizes. The Tilt Tray Sorters provide very high levels of throughput with an extremely controlled sorting action that provides gentle handling of passenger’s bags and cargo. With minimal maintenance required, the Daifuku Sorter simplifies the operational support requirements.


Daifuku’s software systems offer a wide range of real time data with the ability to report on historic events. WebbView is a comprehensive control system that supports high-volume baggage throughput, while assuring bag-tracking accuracy. WebbView provides operators with a user configurable dashboard with KPIs of their choosing and customizable reports all available through a mobile interface. Airflow HLC provides real time routing decisions to the conveyor control system PLCs using a flexible rule based system. Daifuku also offers Sym3, a virtual airport software package enabling the simulation and verification of Baggage Handling System design, operational analysis, and complete pre-installation testing of low and high level control systems via Virtual commissioning and then serves as the system’s integrated 3D SCADA.

Reclaim and Makeups

Daifuku’s baggage carousels, both flat plate and incline, are designed for continuous, quiet operation, with minimal maintenance and incorporate the features and reliability that the baggage industry demands. Daifuku’s make-up carousels offers standardized design with flexibility to accommodate variations in height and configuration.