Shiga Works and Airport Technologies Demo Center

Always an edge ahead

Shiga Demo Center

A hub of innovation

Daifuku’s Shiga Works, based in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, operates as a production base for all of Daifuku’s business operations and contains two demo centers, Hini Arata Kan and the Daifuku Airport Technologies Demo Center. The Airport Technologies Demo Center houses functional, full-scale displays of the latest solutions currently in-market across equipment, controls and software.

The Center doubles as a research and development facility, where the technology is rigorously tested and constantly evaluated to ensure it performs optimally in-field.

We are always searching for new ways to improve the longevity of our solutions and increase return on investment for client partners.

Shiga Works

Houses one of the largest full-scale private exhibition centers in the world.

Over 400 products on display across Hini Arata Kan and our Airport Technologies Demo Center
Housing 11 full-scale manufacturing facilities
Shiga Works spans 13 million square feet - one of the world's largest logistics production sites
Tilt Tray Sorter

Revolutionizing airport technology

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