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Daifuku’s baggage transport and sorting solutions include versatile belt conveyors capable of handling baggage of virtually any shape and size.

As one of the few providers that make all three types of baggage carousels, we provide flexible alternatives to accommodate the various demands of your baggage handling system.

Our entire range of carousels requires minimal maintenance and has been designed to operate continuously and quietly, ensuring consistent, reliable performance.

Our flexible design options allow for variations in height and configuration, all-satisfying global OH&S requirements and IATA standards.


Our conveyor solutions

Curve conveyor


General transport conveyor

The general transport conveyor is a straight belt conveyor used to transport all types of standard baggage and can be supplied with high side walls or stainless steel cladding to accommodate various uses throughout the airport.

This style of conveyor is designed to transport in a straight line and can be programmed to provide a variety of functions such as merging, accumulating, inducting, and sorting baggage.

General transport conveyors can be supplied as a horizontal surface or at any degree of incline or decline to a maximum angle of 20 degrees.

Merge conveyor

Highly functional in design, this conveyor features an angled edge (30° or 45°) where two conveyor lines to meet. This allows merging baggage to move from one conveyor line to another at either low or high speed. The merge conveyor can be programmed in a variety of configurations so that the merge priority is given to the appropriate conveyor line.

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Collector conveyor

The collector conveyor performs a specific function of collecting baggage at the check-in area. Bags can be loaded directly onto the conveyor by the check-in operator or, if used with check-in conveyors, bags can be injected automatically.

Most typically constructed with a stainless steel rim, it can be used as a stand-alone belt conveyor or to collect bags that are transferred from the check-in conveyors.

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Metering conveyor

The metering conveyor is a short straight conveyor used for metering or queuing bags, or it can be used for creating bag separation.

This unit is implemented before conveyor junctions, merges, or places where accumulation or separation is required. For this reason, the conveyor is designed with robust components to cope with a high number of stop/starts.

While there are standard sizes available, it is sufficiently flexible to accommodate variations in bed width, belt type, sidewall height, overall length, and conveying speed.

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Our carousel solutions

Crescent pallet

The crescent pallet carousel is designed to re-circulate baggage through a series of crescent-shaped pallets, linked together to form a continuous loop; it can be used as either an arrivals carousel or baggage hall make-up carousel. The crescent pallet features a flexible design to accommodate variations in height and configuration, allowing it to be adapted for a variety of user-specific applications.

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Overlapping slat

The overlapping slat carousel is designed to re-circulate baggage through a series of rectangular-shaped slats, overlapped and linked to form a continuous loop; it can be used as either an arrivals carousel or baggage hall make-up carousel. While the overlapping slat’s design has been standardized, its height, length and width can be modified to suit user specifications. This is the only carousel that allows for changes to height within the loop configuration.

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Incline claim

The inclined carousel is designed to re-circulate baggage on a continuous basis and can be used as an arrivals carousel or a make-up loops. Traditionally, the ICD’s are used in international arrival halls when there is a need for higher accumulation of bags. The device is of heavy-duty construction and able to withstand the arduous environment of a high volume baggage handling system operation.

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