Early baggage storage

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Our Early Bag Storage (EBS) system is primarily used to store and release bags that have been delivered to the airport early, with the capacity to hold bags indefinitely, enhancing operations at the makeup stage.

We offer a range of advanced technologies in addition to standard conveyor-based EBS, including Baggage Tray System (BTS) lane-based storage and high-speed Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS). ASRS can utilize either a combination of cranes and shuttles or automated guided vehicles to meet the storage and performance needs of any airport.

Early baggage storage

Early Baggage Storage solution range

ASRS crane and shuttle


ASRS — crane and shuttle

Our ASRS crane and shuttle solutions allow for the high-speed vertical storage of bags and are used in conjunction with BTS lane-based storage systems for large airport terminal environments. We have deployed over 40,000 cranes worldwide across a myriad of industries and offer multiple configurations for our ASRS technologies to suit the unique operational needs of our airport partners.

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Dynamic bag buffer

The dynamic bag buffer (DBB) offers an automated solution for the storage of early checked baggage within the baggage handling system. Leading-edge robotic technology allows the DBB to work autonomously, delivering baggage between the conveyor and storage facility without the need for manual human intervention. As a storage solution, the DBB is designed for use in low-volume baggage environments and is suitable for small-to-medium sized airports.

Hand scanner

Hand scanners are integrated into EBS systems for low-end, low-speed applications and allow for the reconciliation of early baggage in and out of cages.

Lane-Based Storage

Our lane-based storage solutions can be integrated into both conveyor systems and our BTS solutions, facilitating buffer applications for bag storage in small-to-medium-sized airports.

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RFID technology facilitates 100 % tracking and traceability throughout the BHS
Our BTS conveys bags at 36 km/hr among the world's fastest
Over 100 years pioneering the development of material handling solutions

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