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We understand that aviation security is a primary concern for airports worldwide, and have designed our explosive detection systems (EDS) solutions to ensure the efficient sortation of passenger baggage across all airport environments, while maintaining absolute compliance for airport security in any country. Our innovative designs of EDS solutions operate seamlessly to deliver advanced screening performance, avoiding unnecessary baggage removal and facilitates a streamlined baggage delivery process. With screening solutions delivered across the globe, we have the experience to meet TSA, CATSA and ECAC Standard 3 applications in any region.


Technology solutions

Mobile Inspection Table

Mobile Inspection Table

The Mobile Inspection Table (MIT) is a revolutionary solution, designed for use inside airport checked baggage reconciliation areas (CBRA). Implemented as a replacement for traditional belt conveyors and static search tables, the MIT utilises leading-edge robotic technology to bring a range of operational benefits to CBRAs globally. Its autonomous, flexible design can be modified to function inside any airport environment, uses 60% less energy than conveyor systems, and can be adapted for use in a variety of peripheral baggage handling tasks.

Bag screening (HBS/EDS/CBS)

Regulatory changes dictate that airports are now required to transition from 2D X-ray imaging to 3D computed tomography (CT) imagery for security screening purposes, affording operators the ability to generate 3D digital images of baggage and the contents within. The integration of a certified solution for screening operations is of paramount importance for airports globally, and Daifuku holds the expertise and experience necessary to successfully integrate all such systems. Key factors to consider, include:

  • Machine operational throughput
  • Baggage system decision time
  • Redundancy and capacity
  • Maintenance access
  • Environmental control

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RFID technology can be used independently for baggage tracking or incorporated into our baggage tray system (BTS) allowing 100% tracking and traceability of baggage throughout the baggage handling system, reducing operational issues that can be caused by low tracking performance; a common problem for conveyor-based systems. At each junction the RFID tag is read, the corresponding screening result then determines the sort decision for that item. Key benefits:

  • Reduced occurrences of re-screening or manual screening to mistracking
  • Bag image retrieval via baggage tray reference number when a bag is not read
  • Ability to mix screened and un-screened bags on the same conveyor line
  • Low in system time (IST) when bags do not require manual intervention

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Standard 3

Daifuku has extensive experience in the integration of CT (Computed Tomography) and Standard 3 systems, with over 400 references worldwide. Using advanced simulation models at the very early stages of the Standard 3 process, independent of any machine selection, we are able to build, test and performance stress the integrity and validity of our designs. We apply real-life physics to the models to realistically simulate the effects on baggage based on the system layout and design.

The information collected is used to optimise design aspects of the system which greatly impacts performance.

Daifuku’s expertise within Standard 3 design, build and integration is leading the way in pushing the boundaries of technology.

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