Baggage Software Solutions

Enhancing airport operations globally

Industry-leading software solutions

Our Baggage Software Solutions are among the world’s most advanced, featuring Sym3, WebbView, Smartflow, and Airflow software. They offer a range of operational benefits ensuring that high-value information can be communicated faster and more efficiently.

Daifuku’s 3D software suite Sym3


We understand that baggage handling systems are mission-critical within the airport terminal environment and ensure the software solutions we deliver are reliable, efficient, and scalable for future growth. Our entire suite of solutions features integrated redundancy architecture, providing unparalleled system resilience for day-to-day operations.


Airflow’s flexible sortation engine can facilitate the delivery of baggage on conventional conveyors, tilt tray sorters (TTS), baggage tray sorters (BTS), and hybrid sortation systems with ease. Its active routing system ensures optimal performance under all operational conditions, and features live bag redirection on a TTS, continuous path assessment, dynamic BTS routing, and empty tray management and storage.


WebbView® is the most advanced integrated Baggage Handling Control System (BHCS) throughout airports worldwide. This comprehensive solution optimizes baggage throughput and tracking accuracy while minimizing system downtime.


Smartflow is Daifuku’s routing solution for both Individual Carrier Systems (ICS) and traditional belt systems. It is a sitewide solution that can perform routing and optimisations that individual PLC / Subsystems cannot perform.