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Flowchart of Daifuku's Approach


Daifuku has a broad range of experience providing consulting services for baggage handling and airport operations globally. We apply our expertise to determine the precise needs and service requirements of our airport and airline partners, including feasibility studies, master planning, system design and simulation, project management and operational advice. These services have been performed across multiple regions in partnership with a variety of airports and industry experts, ranging from small airports to large, fully-automated terminals.

Planning and engineering

We work closely with all stakeholders to ensure we not only provide direction on what their needs are but offer advice that complies with all local and internal codes and regulations. Our team of experienced solution engineers and master planners provide advice for increasing system capacities, as well as a range of other services, including:

  • Review of how to maintain existing airport performance while new initiatives are introduced.
  • Assessment of site-specific and environmental factors that can influence outcomes.
  • Develop and define user and compliance requirements.
  • Demand forecasting and infrastructure requirements.
  • Operational gap analysis and providing continuous improvement initiatives for operations.
  • Develop and apply future growth rates to ensure all works completed meet a specific design year rating.
  • Develop feasibility studies for infrastructure improvements or operational needs.
  • Provide advice on short-term improvements while larger-scale works are being executed, including:
    • Eliminating system hotspots such as bag jam points and bag tracking trouble zones.
    • Reducing single point of failures, particularly areas with low mean time between failures (MTBF) and high mean time to repair (MTTR).
    • Identifying potential layout improvements such as routing shortcuts and the introduction of new redundancy lines.
    • Identifying operational improvements such as makeup allocation and ULD movement.
    • Understand long-term planning to future-proof system designs and accommodate for any expansion projects.


Our experienced design teams convert material flow information into efficient and robust system using proven principles, including consideration to redundancy, energy efficiency, flexibility and expandability.

We add value for our partners by providing input into terminal designs, including passenger flow effects on baggage handling system planning. We work closely with architects to ensure we deliver functional and aesthetic proposals, leveraging our extensive operations and maintenance experience to positively impact the overall design.

Safety is of paramount importance in everything we do, and Safety In Design (SID) forms are an essential component during system design formulation. We validate SID forms using our internal simulation tools, which can be used for both new and existing systems.

Our teams provide services using 3D CAD, REVIT and BIM modelling, which can be used to accommodate the following:

  • Short-term solutions
  • Investigate build-ability and operational impact in more detail.
  • Review phasing and finalize priority for each of the short-term solutions.
  • Finalize high-level user requirements for each solution.
  • Long-term solutions
  • Detailed design of preferred concept, with particular focus on build-ability and its impact on services and existing operations.
  • Develop phasing plans to integrate long-term solutions.
  • Revisit simulations to validate final designs.
  • Prepare more detailed and accurate budgets.
  • Finalize high-level user requirements for long-term solutions.


Daifuku has multiple manufacturing facilities located across North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania that focus on specific equipment for our Airport Technologies division.

Our manufacturing process is backed by our ISO-9001 Accreditation.

Installation and operation

Our installation and maintenance teams are comprised of multinational professionals that are experienced in the delivery of our solutions around the world.

After sales service

We have extensive front-line experience in permanent airport facility equipment operation and maintenance (O&M) services. Our customized approach has built a trusted industry reputation for planned and corrective maintenance for Baggage Handling Systems (BHS), Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBB), Facilities, Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and airport Vehicle Fleets.

Our aim is simple; to ensure that our partners spend less time focusing on day-to-day maintenance responsibilities, and more time focusing time and resources towards meeting their business and growth objectives. We facilitate this by delivering consistent results and maximizing the uptime of critical airport systems.

Our responsive, flexible full-service programs are integrated into customer operations, allowing our Customer Care Team to perform as an extension of any airport operation in a safe and efficient manner. All Daifuku’s systems are supported by 24-7 hotline teams, allowing us to provide complete coverage for all conditions and environments.

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