Case Study

Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Terminal Recapitalization and MIT Installation


Daifuku Airport Technologies' constructed and installed a new Checked Bag Reconciliation Area (CBRA) system and implemented its first Mobile Inspection Table (MIT) system at Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW) to provide TSA agents with efficient and ergonomic enhancements to traditional inspection practices. The MITs reduced the need for major infrastructure changes. We identified and relocated site interferences and used a phased implementation plan over two years to minimize the impact on airport functions.


mobile inspection table installation


US dollar investment

22 MITs

installed in CBRA room


Equipment provided

  • 80+ conveyors
  • 515+ feet of conveyor
  • 4 CTX 9800 EDS machines
  • 22 Mobile Inspection Tables
  • 3D SCADA user interface
  • WebbView SCADA integration

Benefits over traditional CBRA:

Daifuku ATec’s patented MIT are mobile robots which deliver bags directly to TSA agents, eliminating the lifting, twisting or turning of operators.  The benefits over a traditional CBRA system include:

  • Reduced operation costs
  • Adaptable design
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Ergonomically beneficial
  • Bag prioritization
  • Meets industry standards

"The system is quite flexible. The guidance system follows magnetic tape, so we did not have to modify the floor or the room to accommodate the MITs. You don't need to cut the floor or run power, so you have flexibility for the future”

Tom McCarthy - Wayne County Airport Authority


TSA Welcomes New Technology

TSA officers have had a positive reaction to the new technology, which protects the health and safety of their team by decreasing the need for manual labor. Meanwhile, DTW is seeing increased screening productivity and flexibility.

Shortly after completion of the project, DTW reported its highest passenger traffic in over a decade and expects to increase growth as airlines continue to add more flights. Daifuku Airport Technologies is proud to provide DTW and TSA officers with the necessary equipment to handle the large volume efficiently and safely.


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