Case Study

Japan Airlines — Self Bag Drop

80 units - Design, supply, installation, maintenance and support


Japan Airlines (JAL) is Japan’s first international airline, connecting more than 349 airports in 54 countries, with a modern fleet of more than 230 aircrafts. An airline with a reputation for defining the essence of traditional Japanese hospitality, JAL is committed to providing guests with the highest levels of flight safety and supreme quality in every aspect of its service. Japan Airlines commenced operation of six SBD units at Haneda Airport Terminal 1 for domestic flights in February 2020. As of today, 38 units are installed in Haneda Airport and 42 units will be installed across Shin-Chitose, Fukuoka, Naha and Osaka Airports.


Supported countries


Connected airports

5m USD

Investment in the project


Solution Provided

  • Drop-UX N Series
  • Laser Barcode Scanner
  • Camera Automatic Tag Readers
  • Security door
  • 3D camera for tub detection and conveyability checks
  • Tub storage
  • Assistance screen
  • Welcome screen
  • Passenger screen
  • Heavy bag tag management
  • ADA compliance
  • Bag pictures



Modern design combined with innovative features

Designed to offer flexibility, the Drop-UX N Series empowers Japan Airlines to integrate self-service technology and deliver vital information to passengers throughout the process. The dual instruction screens, signal lights, and voice synchronisation simplify operations and reduce airport staff intervention.

Through large touch panels, guide passengers through the process, making self check-in swift and seamless.



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