Case Study

Miami International Airport

Modernizing and automating the baggage handling system


In 2017, Daifuku Airport Technologies teamed with Miami International Airport (MIA) to modernize and streamline all phases of passenger and cargo services in their South and Central Terminals. As one of the country's busiest international airports, MIA’s passenger and freight volume was increasing steadily, yet the airport was operating with outdated equipment.


bags processed per hour


US dollar investment


Mobile Inspection Tables


Equipment Provided

  • 2,300 drives
  • 9 miles of conveyor
  • 18,000 sq. ft. checked baggage reconciliation area
  • 12 CTX 9800 EDS machines
  • 102 MITs with 52 inspection stations

One of the world’s largest automatic guided vehicle installations

Daifuku’s project included conventional BHS belt conveyor technology, as well as an 18,000 sq.ft. Checked Baggage Reconciliation Area (CBRA). The combined South and Central Terminal CBRA allows personnel to easily shift between systems as volumes vary throughout the day.

The CBRA was designed with 102 Mobile Inspection Tables (MIT), autonomous vehicles which use guided floor tracks to deliver baggage to TSA agents and allow for greater ergonomics and efficiency.


Daifuku doubles baggage processing speed

The system was transitioned in phases to maintain operations during construction. The new technology enables efficient processing for the more than 50 airlines that are expected to use the system. Baggage screening and delivery speed doubled to 7,000 bags per hour.

This successful project helped Miami International Airport earn the 2020 TSA “Airport of the Year” award.


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